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The problem of past memories or events affecting both the people currently occupying the land and the very Earth itself has come up many times in the past but in February 2006 the need to do something about it urgently was impressed upon the minds of many.

In fact Sananda stated in a recent message to one telepath that until this negativity had been cleared and the souls released, there could not be real peace upon planet earth.

And in May 2009, Atmos through Mike Quinsey declared: "Problems such as the pollution in your seas, in your soil and air can be largely left to us, as they present no problem. The bigger concern is with regards to the negative energy that is around you and also runs deep within the Earth, and must be removed to enable an increase in its vibration."

There have been many incidents reported of individuals carrying out this task in various parts of the Earth on their own initiative, but the need is so massive that it will require an organized effort by many to make a real impression upon these areas of negativity.

Some of these past activities are reported in the Examples section of this Business Plan (see Contents page), both as encouragement to prospective participants and as a comparison of the methods used.

How this action is expressed may vary from person to person and from group to group. Lightworkers are needed for a grounding of the Light in many areas.

A mission involving the sending of staff to a foreign country can only be undertaken when there is no war nor strife at the time of the mission, or none is likely to occur. Should there be any doubt about the social or political stability the mission should be undertaken at the headquarters, or other convenient location, and carried out by distant healing procedures. As an example, the turmoil currently in Africa (March 2006) would preclude sending missions to most countries there.

In some areas the Darkness is so extreme that Lightworkers will be unable to penetrate it, therefore these areas should be left until the situation changes (as per instructions from Sananda). The first question to be asked therefore before sending a team to a specific location is, can they be successful?


The principal risk is local unrest in the destination country. Where there is any active or pending uprising, war or risk of terrorism, the operation should take place in the team's home country by the use of distant healing rather than risking the lives of the team in the country itself. There should also be no risk of interference with money transfers or transactions before sending a delegation to that country.

Teams sent to foreign countries must be adaptable and prepare their physical bodies at times for an entirely different climate, so they must be physically fit before departure. A medical report would be required from all applicants, confirming that they are fit to live and work in the destination country.

The actual activity should not be broadcast widely as certain factions, especially religious groups, may take exception to telepathy or dowsing and brand it as of the devil. In certain countries this could result in bodily harm to the group as religious feelings run high at times.

A low profile should be kept at all times, even when there is no hint of possible danger or opposition.


The cost of such a project has to be considered very open as the various activities, although similar, will attract different costs, depending upon the countries visited, so only a very general expectation of costs can be provided. An adequate reserve will be held at all time for unforeseen expenditures, events that change the nature of expenses.

The estimates are based on five teams or groups of five persons taking part in six overseas assignments per annum (i.e. those involving air travel), with the remainder of the time operating from a local base.


Capital Costs: $563,750
Annual Operating Cost (5 teams): $2,827,800
Five Year Total Costs: $15,833,870


The project will be managed by the First Church of St Germain.

Funds received will be placed in a special account for this project in the Royal Bank of Canada.

A headquarters office can be mobile and located possibly in conjunction with another humanitarian venture, but operating principally by electronic communication, except for members in countries or locations where Internet facilities are not generally available.


It is possible to carry out this plan - at least in part - by one or more people getting together to do DISTANT HEALING for various places on Earth which have been afflicted by atrocities on a massive scale, but it is more likely to be effective by the individuals actually SEEING the place involved, which would mean visiting the site and staying there a while, until the souls in torment have been released and vibrations have been returned to normal.

There have been past incidences of successful healing, described under "Examples" (see Contents Page) but there are so many places in this world that have at one time or another witnessed massive and indiscriminate killings that the task is quite immense, so the need has to be distributed to as many countries as possible where spiritually evolved individuals can carry out these cleansings. A short-list of some of the well-known locations are provided under Other Locations.

Groups would therefore be organised in various countries to verify local locations which require healing and then arrange clearing of the grids involved, reporting back to the central headquarters once the task has been successfully completed so that a record of progress can be maintained.

Five teams of five members each are envisaged. It is probable that they will carry out six local assignments each year, with the remainder of the time spent on assignments at home base.

Telepaths and dowsers have different attributes. A team consisting of both would be most suitable for effectively and efficiently removing the negative vibrations from these "Valleys of Sorrow." They can register their interest and when approved as team members would have their expenses paid together with a salary for the time spent on the project. This need not be continuous but should be a significant part of the activity of the individual so that they can become fully conversant with all aspects of the project.

An OVERSEER will coordinate all efforts at home and abroad.

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