Queen Diganda
Leader of all Earth's Nature Angels

A Message through Alie Marie
3rd March, 2006

Welcome Dear One,

We welcome those of you who gather to assist in the healing of the human mis-creations....

It is not for me to direct you into the best and most efficient way to heal this woe of emotion that has been released upon the planet. It is for each and every one of you to discover your own way through prayer, gratitude and humble energies.

We are not, nor have ever been, out to harm you. It is through your own thoughts and emotions that create the situation you find yourselves in now.

There are no more ways to control these forces now except through individual and mutual communication between the realms.

Send your teams out into nature: ask that they look within to the answers they seek to find, for it is there that the answers lie. If your environment appears to be rallying against you then are sitting in fear. There is a need to move into the heart, into the place of trust, love and Unity with all that surrounds you.

Only when you are in fear do you become separated from that which supports and nurtures you.

It matters not that others around you are in fear for you are the ones who carry the tools to communicate ..... as you have been shown ..... visualise, allow, see your environment as healed ..... see laughter in the faces that surround you, give those whom you meet something to move into ..... a vision of wholeness ..... to do this for all sentience that surrounds you.

We include as an example for you ..... include as much creativity, visual imagery, your feeling world to access the whole of sensory, multi-dimensional reality and consciousnesses as possible.

You cannot will this ..... you cannot control, demand or cajole the other realms into bending to your will ..... demanding your safety. You must come from the place that honours, uplifts - asks for forgiveness from a place that is graceful towards all kingdoms of being ..... honouring all forms of consciousness, sentience ..... you must learn to take responsibility for that which is within, as individuals, groups or a race of people.

My kingdoms have been given freedom of expression and only heart-felt communication, a willingness, allowing, honesty, integrity, grace, will assist you and your planet to come back into balance and harmony.

So let go of your fear, your need to control, dominate, let go of your outcomes ..... come meet with us ..... meditate, sing, dance, chant ..... sit within our being ..... our space. We look forward to your heartfelt communication with love and grace always.

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