This long excerpt is included because of its historical records; that it details how successful a clearing can be; and the reference to the successful use of Wilhelm Reich's 'Accumulator'. The full article ("Blessing the Unblessed") is apparently still only available in Hebrew or German: but keep checking.



"Back in 1993 and 1994 things began to happen, which caused me to start freeing "earthbound spirits" - i.e. releasing the mental and emotional debris of people who had passed through physical death without being aware of it. Such "pollution" would still be around in our atmosphere for many years of earth-time. It could easily influence others who are momentarily physically, mentally or emotional upset. This is called "spirit possession". It could easily happen to members of the family of the deceased person, or in cases of shock, or during operations in a hospital and so on. I believe that a large percentage of people who are languishing in mental hospitals, or are on the verge of getting there, or are depressive, suffer from "spirit possession". Freeing such benign "earthbound spirits" is comparatively easy

My book about it, "Blessing the Unblessed", was published here in Hebrew in 1997. (A few copies of the German manuscript are still available. A manuscript in English is under preparation.)

After publication of the Hebrew book, I began cleansing Family Trees. I would make a drawing of a Family Tree, put in names (as far as possible), check all per pendulum (including the blank squares without names), ask for protection, recite the Great Invocation and then invoke the help of various Masters and Angels for the cleansing of those relatives who had reacted negatively to my pendulum check. I would end up with the ancient "Kaddish" prayer for Jews, the "Our Father" for Christians, or a few verses from the Koran for Moslems. (The old Aramaic "Kaddish" prayer originated in the Babylonian Exile and was later adapted by Jesus in what is called "The Lord's Prayer.") In the end the entire Tree would be clean! Of course, the sick person, whose Tree it was, would still have his own inner work to do, but at least he would no longer be carrying any problematic relatives "on his back". It was a revelation to discover, that we, "down here" on earth, only need to cleanse four generations backwards, - which is in perfect alignment with the First Commandment - "until the third and fourth generation". During this work I also found out that if I placed a dish of fresh water and/or a dish with salt on the table with the Family Tree - they would invariably react negative after the cleansing.

In September 1998 I went back to my birth-town, Bernburg, in Germany, and cleansed the atmosphere there at the spot where "Euthanasia" murders took place in the early Forties. (At that time "Euthanasia" meant killing off the blind, the deaf, the maimed, the mental cases, the gypsies and even shell-shocked German soldiers. It was the prelude to the organized mass murder in the death camps of Eastern Europe, for the killing off of Jews and other "non-Arians", as well as sick and therefore no longer profitable slave labor.)

During May 1999 I made a huge round of Germany, which ended in Austria, to cleanse all the other five "Euthanasia" places. I did it by invoking the help of all the great Masters I could think of, walking, while checking per pendulum in hand, around the area and reciting the old Aramaic "Kaddish" prayer. (I believed that the vibrations of the "Kaddish" would cover all religions.) I would always end the procedure with what I call "the Sheet of White Light", which I found in Machaelle Small Wright's (of Perelandra fame) "Garden Workbook II" for cleansing old battlegrounds. This is work with the Deva of the place, Pan, the Great White Brotherhood Healing Group and my Higher Consciousness.

During the Euthanasia work I first realized that these cleansings were causing trouble to my urinary system. I always needed five days' rest between one cleansing and the next.

At the time it was clear to me that a single person could never clear a whole huge death camp. However, when I returned home to Jerusalem from Germany, I "happened" to find a booklet in my possession on Wilhelm Reich's channeled information from his present work "upstairs": an improved version of his Orgone Accumulator, as well as its miniature version. The latter, called the "Trafo", is a handy 20 cm cube, with a removable wooden top that has a flexible metal tube sticking out of it. Actually the "Trafo" was devised to copy energies (such as Bach flowers and Homoeopathic globules etc.). One can also put prayers inside!!! When I got the information (via channeling) that I could use such a "Trafo" to cleanse the death camps - that's what I went and did! I bought a "Trafo", in Germany, from Juergen Fischer, the only person who has Reich's permission to build them, and took it to Poland in September 1999. [Milson: "Trafo" is the German term for "accumulator" or "transformer"]

I was able to cleanse all six death camps there of the hatred (both sides') and the terror and fear vibrations: Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, Maidanek, Auschwitz and Chelmno. It was incredibly creative work, even though no one saw or felt anything - and all I could see was the changed pendulum movements. By the way, Auschwitz was already clear when I got there - apparently by some group having cleansed it. On the other hand, cleansing Auschwitz-Birkenau was a very tough job! All the time that I was working in Poland, my youngest daughter protected me, through bio-orgonomy, from our home in Jerusalem! Over twenty million earthbound spirits were freed in Poland alone!

Then I received the "order" (from "upstairs") to cleanse the entire country of Israel - and it had to be done by the end of December 1999! After my return from Poland, it took me a few days to check the map of Israel per pendulum for negative areas. From the middle of October to the end of December 1999 I drove (or rather was driven) to almost two hundred places all over Israel. Most of them were ancient (and some modern) battlegrounds. Many of them were also geopathic. It was quite a shock when I realized that my little "Trafo" would be instrumental in lessening or even preventing earthquakes!!! By that time I had learned to do a protection exercise before each cleansing, and as a result my body, my urinary tract, as well as my clothing remained positive.

Kursi is named in the Bible as "the land of the Gadarenes". It is situated just above the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee. Here twenty-five spirits were cleared. We were informed by channeling that these were the same spirits for whom Jesus had made "Golems of swine", as preliminary vehicles for them to enter into, without causing harm to anyone, until they were indeed ready to be released to their next dimension.

Especially moving was the cleansing work at Qumran (where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found). When I called for the Great White Brotherhood's help with the Sheet of Light, they did not immediately come, as is usual. I know I was an Essene woman in the Community there two thousand years ago, and I simply refused to be emotionally involved during the work! (The work can't be done if you are ...) I could not believe that the Great White Brotherhood could possibly be emotionally involved. BUT THEY WERE!!! As I was informed later, they were, so to say, "holding their breath" at that incredible moment!!!

Another extraordinary happening was when I went to visit the grave (in a Tel-Aviv cemetery) of my friend and soul mate Ahron. He was killed in the 1948 War of Independence. I have reason to believe that his body did not disintegrate. On this visit I checked his grave, for the first time ever, with my pendulum. It reacted positively. All the other soldiers' graves in the vicinity registered as negative. It didn't surprise me. Then I asked whether there were any earthbound souls in that cemetery. There were. Since I had the "Trafo" with me, I cleansed them, and then rechecked Ahron's grave. It was still positive. When, for a comparison, I rechecked the other soldiers' graves - I was amazed to find that they had all turned positive as well! I STOOD THERE WITH OPEN MOUTH - IT WAS LIKE HAVING JUST WITNESSED THE RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD!!!

One day our family went to the Jerusalem cemetery for a memorial. I checked some graves per pendulum right at the entrance, and then also the grave of various family members of ours. All were negative. Back at my parents' graves I worked with the "trafo" ". They became positive. Then we drove a long way down a hill, to my husband's and my mother-in-law's graves. They had already become positive - and it was a far way off! The entire great cemetery had become positive! AT THAT MOMENT I REALIZED THE ENORMOUS JOB BEFORE ME - CLEANSING EVERY SINGLE CEMETERY IN THIS COUNTRY!

A few moments later, up on a hill of this huge Jerusalem cemetery, I invoked all the Devas of all the cemeteries in this country to receive the cleansing information from the Jerusalem cemetery Deva!

On December 10, 1999, while I was doing the cleansing-work on the famous ancient Jewish cemetery in Jerusalem - on the Mount of Olives - a friend filmed me with his video camera. When it was done, I realized that the two Moslem cemeteries far off, outside the Old City Walls, had been cleared at the same time! Then we checked the WWI military cemetery (of the soldiers who fought in 1917 against the Turks) on Mount Scopus. That was now also positive! So was another old Jewish cemetery. Later we got channeled information that I only needed to cleanse several of the very large cemeteries along the coastal region, and that the new energies would then slowly spread all over the country, to every single large or small cemetery of any denomination!

By mid-December 1999 I was almost through with the list of places to be cleansed, when new channeled information sent me back to the Dead Sea, northwards all along the Jordan River, up to the Sea of Galilee, up to Mount Hermon, and to every single meeting point of all the tributaries of the Jordan River! At many of the places I had already worked previously. Up to then, several thousands of spirits would be freed at a single spot; sometimes there were many thousands and in a few places it even went into the millions. What happened now was that they were going into the BILLIONS! It simply didn't make sense. Through channeling we were informed that this was now a lower layer, one that we could not have reached before the top layer had been freed. Those being cleansed now were from a pre-homo-sapiens period! I was to thank them for what they had been and what they had done, and allow them to go to other places in the cosmos where they are now needed ... On December 23, 1999, every single one of the Jordan tributaries' meeting points was cleansed. The next day we received the channeled information that all of mankind's emotional problems throughout history had been absorbed in the rivers - and were flowing down the Jordan River into the Dead Sea - the lowed point on earth.

During the year 2000, every time I would find a negative area on the map I would go and cleanse it. Once a good friend of mine, who is clairvoyant, came with me to watch several cleansings in Jerusalem. What she saw was really incredible! Every cleansing was totally different from the next one - and they all went through my body!!! It took me some time to realize that actually ALL the cleansings are going through my body! Compare my urinary tract with the Jordan River, and my bladder with the Dead Sea!!! My body acts as a sewage pipe for all stress situations in this area!!!

On September 13, 2000, I went with my youngest to clear a large area in Jerusalem, around the Valley of Hinnom. (Its Hebrew name is the source of "Gehenna", or "Hell" ... ) At the final spot, near the windmill on a hill overlooking the Old City Walls, I was unable to do the "Sheet of Light". This had never, ever happened before! I realized it was somehow connected with the religions. In the channeling I received through a friend, we were informed that we needed to do work on airing the three monotheistic religions, which are having such a stranglehold on Jerusalem ... It would be work on changing division into union...

On September 20, 2000, four of us (including the clairvoyant, the channeler and my daughter) went together to do this "religious cleansing". The city was chock-full of tourists, and my clairvoyant friend, who is also clairaudient, was told that so many were here that day to get some of our light energy ... I had received very exact instructions what I needed to do with the "Trafo" at each spot.

First (after the usual protection and invocations) I worked with the "Trafo" on the Mosque of Omar, then on the Wailing Wall, then on the Holy Sepulcher and finally we went up again to the windmill opposite the Old City Walls, above the Valley of Hinnom. The clairvoyant saw, the channeler wrote it all down, and my daughter was our driver and my personal "cleansing agent"!

Exactly one week later, on Wednesday, September 27, two separate groups worked on Jerusalem from its surroundings, as instructed through channeling. I joined one group, and our channeler the other. The following day, Thursday, Arik Sharon, the Head of the opposition party in the Knesset, paid a much-advertised visit to the El Aksa Mosque. On Friday, September 29, 2000, all hell broke loose. At the end of their prayers in the Mosques, the Moslems hurled stones down from the Temple Mount onto Jews, who were praying at the Wailing Wall. Five Moslems were killed in the melee. It was the beginning of a new "Intifada".

Our surprise at things working out that way was removed, when we were reminded by channeled material that "the advent of more light attracts more darkness" ...

On November 12, while checking the map of Israel, I realized that the entire country, except for the Negev desert, is under geopathic stress! This seems to be a third layer. I requested channeled information. (See below.) I certainly did not relish the idea of going to every single spot in the entire country! Then I found I could work with the "Trafo" on the maps. The Orgone "Trafo" has a second wooden top, where the metal tube ends in a funnel part (which is actually meant to be put on certain areas of the body, for healing). I use the funnel part - with a specific and fitting prayer inside the "Trafo" - to release geopathic stress, by working on a set of twenty-six maps of this country.

After the new Intifada had begun, I used to place the funnel (as per agreement from "Upstairs") every Friday morning on the map of the Old City of Jerusalem-- on the area of the great Mosques. Friday morning is the time for the Moslems to hold their prayers and tends to be critical. At first I used the "Great Invocation" in the "Trafo" for this work, later exchanged it for the Moslem prayer - the one I had used at the "religious cleansing". This work was meant to prevent further conflagration. Also, and again as per agreement from "Upstairs", I used to place the funnel on specific regions where a lot of shooting and terrorist acts were happening.

This work on the mosques seemed to be functioning well - until Friday, December 8. By intuition I had placed the funnel on the map that morning to cover the entire Old City of Jerusalem. During that day there were very bad disturbances in the Old City. When I asked "Upstairs" for information about the apparent "non-functioning" of the work, I was told that this had simply needed to happen. The next morning I got the real message: I should not manipulate people to behave "properly"! They need to make their own mistakes! That is their learning process! I realized that the permission I had been granted - to work on the mosques - was part of my own learning process! I was told to go on with the cleansing of the planet - without manipulating people!

On November 26, as things seemed to be quieting down, I went on working with the "Trafo" to finish off geopathic stress in the Jerusalem vicinity. Upon checking the map the following morning, I was surprised to find that, what should have been cleansed the day before, showed negativity along a highway going south ...

It was SMOG!!!
So now, God willing, my dear little "Trafo", together with all the great invoked Masters, will also clear Israel of SMOG ...
Who knows - maybe work with the "Trafo" can even detoxicate radioactive pollution ...

Never a dull moment ...

On November 29, 2000, I had finally received the requested channeling about this "third" layer of geopathic stress that I was working on. Here follows the translation from Hebrew:

"The stress is in three layers:
The physical layer - the movements of the plates, which form the Syro-African split, working against one another.
The mental layer - to which the human spirit and humanity's state of mind is connected. You influence the spirit of the planet.
The emotional spirit layer - which connects you to your true being and to the blueprint you have created for yourself and for the planet. This blueprint fulfils itself, and changes in accordance with your highest aspirations, your Highest Consciousness. All three are intertwined and influence one another.
This third layer, which you are cleansing at present, is indeed connected to deep within the planet, to the emotional, spiritual, psychological and mental garbage, which the earth has absorbed ever since human beings trod on it. These elements need to be cleansed, in order to enable the ascension of mankind and of the planet to the next octave: to create the possibility of the quantum leap planned for you."

December 10, 2000"
Mrs. Immanu-El, PO.Box 4030, 91040 Jerusalem, ISRAEL

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