Alaliyah and Friends on


through Alie Marie
3rd March, 2006

In regards to the second issue of souls [following the message from Queen Diganda] - that is a different story - it is our belief that many grids have been put in place to assist the souls on your planet to fast-track their experiences in preparation for ascension. This is allowing all peoples to complete their experiences in order to align with their Divine 5th dimensional blueprint, and is why there are many mis-created energies released at this time.

It is important that those of you that are holding the Light remain steadfast in doing so. Those of you who are holding the polarised energies of both the denser frequencies as well as the lighter frequencies are having a tougher time of it. All we can say is to allow the energies to flow through whilst trying to remain as grounded as possible. This is a tricky task, the most important idea is to remember not to get pulled into the dramas and energies that are playing themselves out, don't hold on to the remnants.

Those who are still holding the remnants of fear based elemental energies please also acknowledge, allow, and let go of ownership as many beings are trying to simply find their way home at present before the game-board changes. Recognise it for what it is - simply the last vestige of control.

If working with souls ask to activate the "going home grid" - if you find yourself out and about, in the street, an old building, or feel the remnants of a previous drama playing out around you, then activate the "going home grid" where all the pictures associated with that person or groups passing will be activated, the life guardians, transitioning angels, family receivers will appear for their arrival in healing stations prepared for this time. The transitioning teams will assist in helping those souls to move towards their next cycle with grace and ease.

It is important to release the "going home grid' when you feel the work is completed.

Many of you may find yourselves going to unusual locations, meeting different people, being guided over the next year or so to do this work specifically.

Remember that you are going to be observers rather than active participants. All has been prepared to assist you in this important mission.

Good luck and God journeys......

Note from Helen Engel:
Alie Marie has had a great deal of experience in grid healing of the atmosphere, the ground level, and inner earth, to the very core. She lives in Australia, but with her angel counterpart, Archangel Gabriel, she does healing all over earth. In 2003 and part of 2004, in First Contact Scouts, she led about 27 Lightworkers into many healing projects, and I believe that she is one of the most experienced earth and atmosphere healers actively doing this work.

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