by Helen Engel

In the book "Moroni Sounds the Trumpet" it tells the spiritual side of a period in the history of America, and about Lehi, a descendant of the tribe of Judah (later called Israel), father of Joseph.

Around 600 B.C. descendants of that tribe were told by God to leave Jerusalem, because it would be destroyed. And it was destroyed about 50 years later. God assisted Lehi and his sons to build a boat with special instruments, and Lehi's family landed on the Eastern shores of U.S., to be greeted by friendly Indians, who assisted them to survive the cold winters, taught them how to hunt, and how to grow a few vegetables. Basically, these immigrants lived like their Native brethren for several hundred years, until they were able to manufacture iron tools.

The most unfortunate part of the history is that Lehi's two sons, Nephi and Laman, hated each other with a hatred that lasted for all of their lives, and for the duration of about 600 years, until the last Nephite was destroyed by the Lamanites. The Nephites lived principally in the northern states, while the Lamanites remained in the south, and would make sorties to the north, to do battle with the Nephites.

Nephi I had a son named Nephi II, who was an angel who came to earth to play out this particular role. When he left Earth, his body was not corrupted, but he ascended into heaven, as did two others of the second set of "Twelve Apostles" that Jesus chose when he was with them.

Nephi II has been my principal Guide during this period of my assignment. I invariably greet him as my "uncle", which would mean that I was of the tribe of Laman, the brother of Nephi. Nephi followed the teachings of God, while Laman and his followers practised evil ways, and were the attackers. I might have been Laman's son, but there is no record that I have read.

The Nephites did not intermarry with the Natives, whereas the Lamanites intermarried with the Natives to the south, who were descendants of the Mayan tribes. I have a memory of living in the Yucatan peninsula centuries later, where Padre Pio was my mother and we weeded corn on the slopes of the mountains. Jesus has asked me to "feed his lambs" in that area, Honduras and Nicaragua.

There are mounds of human skeletons in the mid-Eastern states, and no one could determine whose skeletons they were. Nephi II explained that thousands were killed in battle, on both sides, and they did not have sufficient living left to bury the bodies. The wild animals waited for the corpses, and the women wept. Nephi described it so dramatically that most readers weep when they read the tale. These must be the mounds of the Nephites.

It all ended when the Lamanites moved sufficiently far north that they exterminated the Nephites.

Several of the Nephite leaders recorded their history on gold or brass plates during the years of their sojourn in the new land, and carried the plates with them. The leader of the Nephites was responsible for retaining what was written, and to continue the history. Unfortunately, not much was written describing their life, nor where they lived. The record tells of the wars, suffering, and their relationship to God.

At the time that Jesus suffered and died, it is written that he was "somewhere else" for three days. It is described in the gold plates that Jesus spent those three days with the Nephites, in the flesh. This is what the Mormons believe to be very important, and they call the record of these events the "restoration of the Bible."

That is the main part that sets the Mormons apart from the other Christian churches. Also, they believe that there should be no division between the history of the Jews, and the modern Bible. They use the present Christian Bible plus their own "Book of Mormon" plus a couple of other records of Joseph Smith, who came on the scene during the 1800s. Jesus is very anxious that the Mormons accept the doctrines of reincarnation and intercommunication, and the book "Moroni Sounds the Trumpet" was written with that intent.

There are several stories of events that took place in the Spirit World that are recorded in the book "Moroni Sounds the Trumpet". One concerns how Helen was invited by Jesus to enter a "prison" and release an old man, and two others accounts described how Helen was present when the entire Nephite tribe and the entire Lamanite tribe were lifted from a "Valley of Sorrow" to peace and joy. I attended spiritually at those ceremonies, and they are always vividly in my mind. The compassion of Jesus is beyond words.

When Joseph Smith, living near what is presently Maine, was 14 years old, Angel Moroni appeared to him, and told him that he would do a great work, and that he must prepare himself. At age 18 Joseph was visited by two Celestials, and he began his mission soon thereafter. In the space of about approximately 30 years, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints became a reality, and it is now one of the major Christian religions, with nearly nine million followers.

One of Joseph's principal accomplishments was to decipher or "translate" the gold plates that Nephi and Mormon wrote.

Mormon's son, Moroni, also wrote on metal plates. Joseph transcribed the hieroglyphics (a mix of Egyptian, Hebrew and Greek) with the aid of an instrument called the Urim and Thummim. Angel Moroni taught Joseph to view a line, then Angel Moroni presented the translation immediately below the line. Joseph read the words to his recording clerk. The words were verified, and Joseph moved on to the next line of code. Those translations became the “Book of Mormon.”

There are some plates that are still hidden in north-Eastern U.S. that are not yet read, and it is expected that they will be read in this century, and will bring news to the people about how to live in the New Millennium. They may also contain special information for the Mormon people. I believe that plans are presently being made to have the remaining plates translated during 2006.

That is a brief background to the history of America East of the Mississippi. It is a sad history of hate and suffering, and the memory of it is still in the etheric grid above America. Nephi II stated that many of the Lamanites had lived three successive lives as warriors. Along with the killings and wars of that era, is the pain and suffering of the Civil War, memory of which also remains in the ethers above the territory.

In 2003 Abraham taught a group of priestesses, including myself, about tolerance, forgiveness and reconciliation. He remarked that peace will not come to Palestine and Israel until the grids in the atmosphere and in the land are healed. This also applies to America.

A day or two ago Nephi II returned to give me a further message. It is about healing that portion of America. This is what the message said:

Message from Nephi II, Feb. 27, 2006 (12:26 a.m.)

Nephi II: Greetings to you. The winds blow swiftly, and soon much of the negativity and dark clouds will disappear from the surface of earth. Then we shall be glad, we will walk among our beloved ones, though they see us not.

In the Eastern portion of the United States of America there is a potential that the entire cloud mass of battle, and fighting, and killing can be removed in one fell swoop, by the efforts of the people in that region.

It will be difficult to explain to them how every negative emotion builds another bit of black mass in the grids above earth in that area.

Here is something like an incendiary bomb to clear the atmosphere.

We are ONE
All sin and error is forgotten,
As we climb back once again
Into the arms of God.
We forgive those who have hurt us,
We ask forgiveness for those whom we have hurt.
We raise the flag of purity over America.
America the pure
America the beautiful
From sea to sea
Our people shall be free.
Take up the banner,
Stand for what is right and true.
The entire force of heaven is at your disposal
As you make this last bid for freedom.
It is not necessary to shed blood to acquire freedom,
Only fill the grids with Love and Hope,
And the bonds of hate will melt and disappear.
For who would want disgrace to lay upon this land?
We want to see all Americans free,
All people living in comfort and joy.
And for this have we returned in great numbers,
To set you free.
I am Nephi II.

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