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1. Marjorie with Pan in MOLOKAI
11th July, 2007

It was very hot in my house so I had 3 fans going. I decided to meditate in front of the fan, and the air was very soft and warm. All of a sudden (pop) I'm in Hawaii and Pan, the head honcho of the Nature Spirits has me by the hand. "We're off to heal the Isle of Molokai, the home of the leper colonies". He's a most incredible Being, in his green skirt of leaves, leggings and pointed toed boots and little pointy ears. I tried to capture what I saw in this quick sketch.

Marjorie with Pan in Molokai, Sketch © Copyright: Marjorie Morrison 2007
Marjorie with Pan in Molokai, sketch © Copyright: Marjorie Morrison 2007

In minutes we are in Molokai. Pan plays his flute, and a million or more little elves and fairies appear on the scene with bundles of lavender and other fragrant plants. They're so happy, so light on their feet. As Pan is playing, the little Beings all start singing, and we join hands and dance. We are singing to the land which is weeping from the frozen tears in the landscape, and ingrained in the sand from the cries of the lepers housed on this Island for centuries. The cries of the lepers all of a sudden are leaving the land, and turning into a sparkling bubble of joy and laughter. floating, floating over the water and away. The plants and trees thank us. A rainbow comes out over the land. Molokai has been healed. The smell of lavender fills the air. Bird songs sound loud and clear, blessings to this beautiful place which is now in crystal clarity, free of the darkness.

We thank Pan and his music, and God speed I'm home in my kitchen. The warm moist air in the kitchen still smells of Molokai. Wish you were there too! Love Marje

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