Healing the Land: Sunrise at Callinish in Lewis, Copyright Dr Milson Macleod May 1994 EXAMPLE 2


Map of the Scottish Highlands

Extract from e-mail from Dr Milson Macleod to Dr Iliya Lakicevic, 1st March 2006:

"I was very interested in the report you forwarded from Immanu-EL ..... It was a most interesting report, especially in light of what has been brought up about the East Coast of America right now.

The whole process is becoming interesting, because there is another area (oh, there must be many!!!) which is of interest to me.

The Northwest coast of Scotland is the remains of the Atlantean/Lemurian era.

We visited there every summer when I was at school in the '40s and I was struck by the fact that there were practically NO TREES on the islands. My father was a minister of the church, so there were many things that were just ignored. The explanation given for the lack of trees was the extremely violent seas on either side of the islands, the salt water preventing trees from growing ....

In the early '90s I discussed this with Archangel Michael and he said it was the SADNESS that prevented growth there. There had been bloody confrontations between Lemurians and Atlanteans and the soil was soaked with blood. That seemed to continue on in Scottish history as the mainland was also soaked in the blood of the Scottish clans up till about 1745.

I have an extensive collection of photographs I took there in 1994 - I enclose two. One is of the Standing Stones of Callinish (15,000 years old, same as Stonehenge) and one is a marker stone between two sets of standing stone circles in the Orkney Islands.

Most of my connections in Scotland are not computer-literate, although one is a high ranking Templar, but one should probably get a group together there to do the same thing. Quite a task! ........... "

Clan (family) feuds raged for a long time in Scotland, a good 500 years or more, with men, women and children being put to the sword without batting an eyelid. The senseless slaughter was typical of life at that time. There were even reports of spectators watching pre-arranged battles between picked men from opposing clans, and the onlookers (including the King) being so horrified by the spectacle that they turned away. The last 'ethnic cleansing' as such was around 1746 by the Duke of Cumberland (nicknamed 'The Butcher').

Early Scottish history is far from clear. Going back to Lemurian times, Ireland, the Western Isles, and probably the Orkneys were part of that civilization, but by Atlantean times, the temperament had changed and thirst for power and foreign lands grew to the extent that attacks on the Western Isles were particularly gruesome - so violent in fact that it had an effect upon the soil of the Earth, which lost its ability to bring forth the fruits of the earth, and trees in particular died out.

Suppression over a long period of time creates depression and servility, a situation which was seized upon by the Church, who found the people willing converts to their dogmas, offering eventual 'salvation' from the restrictions of life, keeping their growth and understanding in check.

That situation has changed for the better in recent times which should make it easier to lift the thick 'black clouds' of negative vibrations and breathe fresh life into both the soil and tillers of the soil.

Atrocities are not a unique feature of any country: they can be found worldwide.

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