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One of the factors hampering the implementation of world peace is the existence of negative emotions from the past - even the dim and distant past - where the sadness of large-scale atrocities has left even Mother Earth stunned. Having now realized what the problem is, we can concentrate on returning the soil and atmospheric grid systems of these areas to one of harmony, so that peace can be enjoyed by all at an early date.

We will bring the general public to a realization of the worldwide problem by publicizing it as widely as possible and invite those with sufficient understanding to join us in removing these problems from the face of the Earth at the earliest opportunity.


  • Overseer: Dr Milson Macleod is bi-lingual English-German and has a wide business background, including over two decades of experience in materials management in a major municipal government. He was highly regarded as both a researcher and problem solver. Developer of multiple humanitarian and environmental projects, which were initially proposed as business investments. A paradigm pioneer. Spiritual Teacher who has taught dowsing and healing and is a founder of the Telepathy Institute of North America (T.I.N.A.)

  • Administrator: An experienced telepath will be chosen from the Telepathy Institute of North America (T.I.N.A.) to teach other telepaths the necessary skills for clearing earth and atmospheric grids, grounding the Light, and to organize team assignments.

  • Chief Financial Officer: Dima Krushynyn holds a Masters Degree in Finance, on the way to being a Chartered Accountant.

  • Team Leaders: None selected as no advertising has as yet taken place. They will be competent telepaths or dowsers, or have both abilities, with leadership qualities, chosen from volunteers worldwide and may come from different cultural backgrounds.
    First Church of St Germain will sponsor teams of telepaths and dowsers to carry out this work in various countries.

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