Helen Engel
1st March, 2006

Dear Angel Leia, will you take me to Washington and New York, so that I might feel the heaviness and the darkness in the atmosphere, and could we together do some clearing at this time? For the benefit of Lightworkers please explain what is occurring.
Leia: Are you ready?
Darkness descended upon me, and I felt as if I was being compacted in sludge and mud. Helen: Angel Leia, how do I dissolve the sludge?
Leia: Think of fresh air and cleanliness, bright sunshine, clear blue sky. Think of summer winds flowing over the region, with birds flying. Hear the laughter of children playing in the parks .
Slowly a sphere of cleaner air formed a bubble around me. I visualized green parks, mothers with children, restful people sitting on park benches, trees in bloom, a trickling brook moving through the city. Flowers in flower beds. As I peered at the empty flower beds, it seemed that the flowers simply manifested.
A Lightworker clears the environment by visualization. However, the visualization must have an intent. The intent at the moment is to clear some of the sludge above Washington and New York. You might ask the angels to assist, because it will take you a long time to do it yourself.
Helen: I call on the Archangels, Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel. Bring your legions now, join me over Washington and New York City.
Leia: See the golden sun rise over the tall buildings. Feel the pure air coming from the high atmosphere, like a tornado, then sweeping the streets of etheric filth. See the homeless given food and shelter. See a brilliant light flooding the Oval Office, so that whoever enters, is altered. See the statue of Abraham Lincoln surrounded by ancient Masters returned. Watch as the citizens rise, they look at the sun, and smile. That smile will be the indication that the purification is complete. And so it is.
BELIEVE. BELIEVE. Believe and you shall achieve. Is that sufficient? What do you see?
Helen: I can see little round areas that are cleared, as when the sun breaks through the trees and shines upon one spot. I see the smog lifting, and taking the etheric sludge with it. The sun dissolves the fog and the sludge. And I can breathe clean air. There truly is a difference. Did we do it together?
Leia: You and I - and Legions of Angels. When you are free, join me again, and we will do some more clearing.

Message from Sananda to Lauren
28th February, 2006

We have been aware of the need for healing in the eastern portion of the US for quite some time. This is a need based on events that have taken place over a period of history in the US. We have observed that this healing can be effective in eliminating the darkness that hangs over this portion of the country since antiquity.

Know that you can assist by lending your Light to designated areas of negativity in that region. In times to come you will be asked to absorb certain energy frequencies from the higher realms to transmute residual lower energies that harbor in these areas. Most specifically, the two major cities of the east, Washington DC and NYC.

You will have an opportunity to heal these areas when there is sufficient awareness on Earth to aid in the grounding of Light.

It is not until that time that such negativity can be lifted.

We observe that, in time, these two cities will be in a state of disarray and this will lead to an opening for healing. Many will be called forth to assist in this process, for it will take the strength of many Lightworkers to lift such darkness.

You will gather in groups there to harness frequencies that will clear the heaviness and all will act as transmitters of light to ground the new higher vibrations.

This will be a miraculous event.

Note from Helen Engel:
This is the first time that the people of America have been introduced to the heavy clouds in the grids above their country, and the source of that negative pollution. In the messages about "God Event" a day or two ago, one message disclosed that the negative cloud over Washington was so thick that the Light could not penetrate it, and that is why the Creator has send a force of energy that has never before been sent to earth. Surely this will assist in dissolving the dark grids.

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